You are making a reservation request for the rental of electric or normal bike, so you’ll have to wait for our mail RESERVATION CONFIRMATION before your order is valid.

You should not anticipate anything on line, payment is made directly in the store at the time of the withdrawal.

1/2 DAY: The rental for a half day lasts 5 hours and can be done in two time slots, in the morning from 9 to 14 or afternoon from 15 to 19.

DAILY: The daily rental is defined from 9 to 19.

CONSECUTIVE DAYS: For rental of consecutive days, the customer must have a safe storage place, otherwise will make the night storage at Ale Bike during the shop’s opening hours (Monday to Saturday from 9-19)

For rental will serve you a valid identity document (ID card or passport) and a valid credit card (not accepted rechargeable credit or debit cards, for clarity only accept credit cards with embossed numbers).


Scope of the Agreement Ale Bike Alessandro Molari, upon payment of the agreed price including VAT at 22%, delivery to the customer the electric / classic bicycle bike or pedal assistance that indicated above, equipped with front and rear working lights, reflectors in the wheels and in the pedals, bell and safety helmet (on request), as well as a chain for theft ABUS Bordo 6000 (INCLUDED) for electric bicycles and a spiral lock Abus for classic bikes adult / child. We ‘good to know that Riccione and nearby areas are classified as HIGH RISK THEFT we ask to have due regard for rented transport. It represents that you have reviewed the bicycle in question and to receive it from the firm Ale Bike Alessandro Molari in excellent condition and fully functional with specific reference to the lights and the tires at the time of signing this contract. Any defects found must be promptly reported by the Customer to Ale Bike Alessandro Molari and reported in writing at the end of this contract.

1 To get the rental of an electric / classic bicycle (adult or child) you must present a valid ID card and valid Credit card. The identity card will be retained by the Manager for the duration of the rental.

2 The use of electric or classical bicycle presupposes the physical fitness and technical expertise of those who intend to lead. Therefore the user by renting electric bicycle declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate expertise, without placing any reservations.

3 The electrical or classical bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport and is to be treated with care, common sense and diligence, so as to avoid damage to both the same as their accessories. It’s prohibited use the electric bike to perform Commercial Activities, or sell it in use to other parties.

4 The user is responsible for the electric or classical bicycle until its return to the rent shop; It is also responsible for damage caused to himself, the electric bicycle, to third parties and things during the use of the bike. At the Alessandro Molari Ale Bike Rent shop you may not be required any form of compensation.

5 During the rental the user not have any form of insurance, the electric bicycle or the classic bicycle is not covered by insurance. The user is therefore required to comply with the rules of the traffic laws. Alessandro Molari Ale Bike Rent shop declines any form of liability in case of improper use of the vehicle or breach of the regulations of the traffic laws

6 In case of loss of the keys, the accessories for the electric or classical bicycle bike, or damage to, the Alessandro Molari Ale Bike Rent shop takes the sum to the customer necessary for the restoration of the original vehicle, based on the list and the estimate of the supplier; in case of total theft the user shall indemnify Alessandro Molari Ale Bike Rent shop of the amount established in: € 200 for each bicycle as a child Adriatic; € 300.00 for each bicycle city bike classic Adriatic; € 850.00 for each electric bike City bike Adriatica Cycles, bike or MTB Haibike muscle; € 1800,00 for each electric bike MTB Front Haibike; € 2500,00 for each electric bike MTB FULL Haibike brand and / or FAT BIKE ELECTRIC BIKE.

7 In case of theft of electric or classic bike bicycle, The user will have to Present a copy of the Complaint made at the police and pay the amount equal to the value of the electric bike or classic bike object of the theft, which it will be refounded in case of recovery of the vehicle.

8 The electric or classical bicycle bicycle must be returned in the same place where it was rented.

9 The rental of electric / classic bicycle by the User implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these rules, tariffs, opening hours and closure of the facility in which we made use of the rental service.

10 The Manager will call on to the courts if the user to communicate false information or domicile

11 They and the Manager at the time of delivery of the electrical or classic bike will verify the status of functions thereof.

12 The electric / classical bicycle bicycle must be used exclusively within the Municipality of Riccione and surrounding areas, except if not accompanied by the GUIDE or his collaborators, and it is forbidden to carry the same by any other transport.

13 The user will need to have a focus on places where he parks the electric bike or classic bike. In particular, the user is obliged to park the bike in guarded places, especially at night, so as to avoid the possibility of theft of the same.

14 The user must also use the supplied padlock whenever the electric bicycle is left unattended.

15 The User is obliged to not give to others the Electric / classic bikes rented.

16 The Manager will require payment of damages and / or breakage caused or suffered to the electric bike or classic bike; alternatively the user will be able to repair the midst of his expenses.

17 In case of loss of the keys or of the accessories of the electric or classical bicycle bike, all of the charges payable for the reconstruction will be borne by the User.

18 The Manager may carry out checks on users during the bike rent, and he can request the immediate return of the vehicle in conditions of improper use.

19 The electric / classic bike is considered to be redelivered only if returned directly to the Manager. It is not accepted to park electric bicycle outside the rental point during closing time. The respective keys are handed over to the Manager.

20 If the Manager find an abandoned bicycle, or otherwise not returned after the deadline agreed at the time of rental, can fetch it if closed with the padlock. The User shall pay the relevant fee from the extra time until he is presented to close the contract.

21 The failure to return the electric / classical bicycle bicycle without prior communication, however motivated by exceptional cases, it will be regarded as theft and therefore reported to the judicial authorities.

22 The Manager may refuse the rental of electric bicycle or classic bike to people in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs (in accordance with Articles 186-187 of the traffic laws) or for other reasons at the discretion of the Manager.

23 In the case of organized excursions, the user is obliged to follow the instructions given by guide, to follow a proper and prudent management of the bike, without endangering himself or third parties.

24. The Client releases Ale Bike Alessandro Molari from any and all liability and / or request for any damage caused to themselves and / or to third parties resulting from the use of electric bikes rented and on your trips and not.

25. The customer must personally provide to the payment of any administrative penalties during the rental period.

26, The customer declares under its responsibility that the residential address indicated in this contract, as well as in the attached personal documents, is correct and that, for the purposes of this contract, any communication and / or notification can be sent to that address.

27 The Customer indemnifies fully Ale Bike Alessandro Molari from any financial claim advanced by third parties for any damage suffered directly and / or indirectly by the Customer through use of the rented bicycle;

28. YOU MUST MAKE A DEPOSIT OF € 150.00 for an electric bike and € 50 for bike classic adult / child and a credit card (not prepaid, that is, with embossed numbers) to the rental guarantee.

29. The use of the bicycle is ONLY for an adult person (18 years ago), unless the minor is accompanied by adult person (Parent) who assumes responsibility for writing signing and agreeing to the following rental guaranteeing at all for the child.

30. LIABILITY ‘: The firm Alessandro Molari Ale Bike declines all responsibility for damage to persons or things during the rental and excursions / tours accompanied / guided. The

purchase of guided tours entails the acceptance by the participants adults and children accompanied, risks arising from ‘existence of objective dangers, environment Romagnolo and Marche where the tours take place and assumes to having the technical and physical ability to hike suitable chosen, so we always invite to be carefull and be alert to possible dangers during accompanied in cycling trips.

31.For as not mentioned in this regulation, the relationship between the parties (CONTRACTING) is governed by the Civil Code standards. Any dispute between the parties to the jurisdiction of the Court of Rimini.

32.During the rental and Tours Ebike does not include accident insurance coverage for themselves nor the third party liability or property. It’s possible to conclude a sports insurance for one or more days at the following link from a price of € 3.50 per days, is required if you take out a policy at least the day before the rental or bike tour. (At customers choice).

To express acceptance Riccione, there ______________________

Ale Bike Alessandro Molari _____________________________________ Cliente________________________________________
Under Articles. 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code the customer declares to have read and specifically approve the terms and conditions of the contract.