We take care of maintenance and technical preparation of your bike.

Bikes assistance, electric bikes, running and MTB
Bike to the store Ale we are available immediately to:

  • change recording
  • repairing tires and rooms
  • repair wheels
  • centering wheels
  • brake control
  • overall control

Repairs are carried out during the day on any type of bicycle or at most the next day unless special interventions.

Maintenance all kinds of bikes, electric bicycle and fixed
Keep checked your bike is important:

  • brake control
  • wheel control
  • change recording
  • Lubricate the chain
  • Washing bikes of all kinds
  • Complete bike mount (fixed custom bike, city bike, racing bike, etc.)

Technical training bike and MTB

  • Complete wash
  • Dismantling and greasing steering and bottom bracket
  • Grease wheel hubs
  • Centering wheels
  • Replacing wires and guanine
  • Replacement tires and tubes
  • Change recording
  • Adjustment levers
  • Brake adjustment disc
  • Calibration of the front and rear derailleur
  • Straightening frame dropouts
  • Setting complete adjustments to your bike
manutenzione bici riccione assistenza meccanico